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We will be collecting Box Tops and Campbell’s Labels for Education again this year.  Clipping doesn’t require you to spend any money – no need to buy anything other than the products you already purchase!  Just clip the Box Tops from participating products (e.g. Ziploc, Cheerios, etc.) and UPCs from products participating in the Labels for Education program (e.g. Campbell’s Soup, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, etc.). Then send them into school and Daly will receive money and educational materials for your efforts.

We will be tallying the box tops and labels by class - the class that sends in the most box tops and labels by the Winter holidays will have a pizza party!  There will be at least one more party before the end of the school year.

Carefully clip your UPCs and Box Tops off of participating products and put them in a baggie or envelope with your child’s name and teacher.

You can send all Labels for Education and Box Tops in with your child or drop them off in the main office box labeled “Box Tops”.

Start clipping! You can even ask grandparents and other family members to clip for Daly too!

Daly can also earn a percentage back from your online shopping at the Box Tops Marketplace and the Reading Room. 

Any questions please contact Sheryl Spring (Sheryl@springroc.com or 284-7232) or Heather Garfin (hgarfin@gmail.com or 767-2056).