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Committee Descriptions

Please consider chairing or volunteering for one of our committees! It’s a great way to get involved and be a part of the Daly community.

Committee chairs and co-chairs plan and organize HSA events and activities which might include coordinating with teachers, staff, and outside vendors as well as creating flyers and emails. We supply committee chairs with guidelines and resources from the previous year so there’s no need to recreate the wheel every year!

Volunteers help the committee chairs in many different ways including making follow up emails and phone calls; supplying prizes, beverages, and snacks; setting up; cleaning up; and creating flyers. The committee chairs will contact volunteers when they start planning an event or activity.

Take a look at the committee descriptions below and sign-up using this Committee Sign-up Sheet. Committee chairs and their contact information can be found in the Daly Directory.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, want more information, or have new ideas. The more people involved, the more we can do for our children!

AGATE Representative
Acts as Daly liaison to AGATE (Advocacy for Gifted and Talented Education) by attending meetings and reporting back to the HSA.
Kindergarten Bus (1st week of school)
Kindergarten parent volunteers ride the bus home with the children on the first three early dismissal days, usually early dismissal is 11:30 a.m. the first two days and 1:00 p.m. the third day. Two parents are needed to organize and assign volunteers to ride buses. Two parents are needed to run on each of the buses on each of the days.
Back to School Mixer
Helps organize, plan and coordinate a back to school get-to-know-you dance.
Ladies’ Night Out (November)
Organzies, plans and coordinates this evening shopping event for Daly moms and faculty.

Birthday Book Collection
Works with the Librarian to coordinate and manage book donations in honor of students’ birthdays, as well as publicity, bookplates and provides monthly list of donations to the Daly News editor for publication in order to enlarge our library's holdings through book donations in honor of students' birthdays.

Lost & Found
Assists with coordination of the Lost & Found table/area and returning lost items to their rightful owner if possible. A Lost & Found table is usually set up at Open House, Parent/Teacher Conferences and the Daly Carnival.

Blood Drive (November)
Helps to publicize the blood drive prior to the event and, on the day of, to help organize, assist, set-up, serve refreshments and provide child-care supervision for parents donating blood.

Movie Day
Selects and presents a family-friendly movie for Daly parents and their children to enjoy as well as coordinates and assists with all aspects of the event.

Book Fair (October & May)
This event is a week-long Scholastic fair held during school library hours, with two nights set aside for “evening shopping.” Volunteers are needed to help organize, set-up and take down tables and displays, assist parents and children with book selection and paying for items.

Recruits, reviews, and nominates volunteers for Executive Board positions. Committee is formed by the end of February with nominations announced in April or May.
Budget Brigade (April & May)
Helps to give information to the community regarding the upcoming School Budget.
Represents Daly at meetings with the Port Washington School District and the food service company to evaluate conditions in the cafeteria and to recommend menu choices and recipes, educates the children about good nutrition, and coordinates volunteers for lunchtime food samples to be passed around to the children.
Bus Buddies
Fourth grade parents pair up next year’s fifth graders with incoming kindergarteners on their buses.
Nutrition Week (March)
Coordinates the special curriculum projects which take place all week, and helps decorate the school, and presents creative programs to their children’s class.
Carnival (June)
Plans, supervises/assists, sets up, sells tickets and refreshments for this wonderful family year-end celebration.
Original Works
Implements and organizes this new fundraising activity through which parents can order keepsakes made from children’s artwork.

Coordinates with a district-wide committee that reviews all requests for funding to charities, makes recommendations to the HSA, and coordinates the efforts of Daly's parents, students, and staff in responding to the needs of our local and global community.  Works with Parents’ Council and the other schools for community wide events including the holiday drive, treats for troops, and coat drive.

PARP (Parents As Reading Partners)
Parents As Reading Partners helps support reading initiatives at Daly.
Coupon Books
Organizes this first-time sale of coupon books to parents.
Parents’ Council Representatives
Each elementary school has two voting representatives on Parents’ Council, which meets the last Monday (morning meeting) of every month.  Representatives must report back to Daly H.S.A. about district issues and events at the monthly H.S.A. meetings.
Cultural Arts
Meets monthly with the District Cultural Arts Committee to decide what district-wide art programs to bring into the schools within a given budget as well as helps coordinate/arrange Daly’s Cultural Arts programs with the principal.
Picture Day (October)
Chooses and works with a professional photographer who takes class and individual student pictures.
Dad’s Night Out (October)
Organizes, plans, and coordinates this evening event for Daly dads.
Popcorn Sale
Organizes volunteers for the monthly popcorn sales to the Daly children during lunch (11:30am-1:00pm).
Daly Diggers (October & May)
Organizes, plans, and assists with the Fall pumkin sale and the Spring plant sale.
Pride in Port Parade (September)
Coordinates Daly’s participation in the Fall “Pride in Port” Parade by working on the Daly banner and organizing the march on the day of the parade. It involves working on the Daly banner and organizing the march on the day of the parade.
Daly Earthkeepers
Helps our school be more aware of our environment.
Public Relations
Plans, coordinates and works with district press office, the Daly News and other media venues to publicize Daly events.
Daly News
Creates the HSA's newspaper. The news editor is responsible for coordinating articles for each issue, typesetting, layout, collecting photographs, taking the finished newsletter to the printer and distribution to the classrooms and staff. Volunteers need to support the editor, help write articles, take photographs, etc.
Organizes contests and collections of “Box Tops” and “Campbell’s” Labels for Education”, registers school with both Stop and Shop A+ rewards program and Target rewards program, oversees collection of ink cartridges and batteries for return monies.

Daly Organic Garden & Summer Cooperative
Coordinates with the teachers the planting schedule for the school year. No prior experience needed. During the summer, sign up for one week to harvest the school’s Organic Garden.

Safety & Substance Prevention Task Force
Represents Daly at District Task Force meetings which are held approximately 5 times per year and reports back to the H.S.A.
Daly Wear
Orders, organizes, sells, and distributes Daly clothing at school events.
School Supplies
Coordinates and organizes sales of school supplies in May for distribution in August.
Fifth Grade Activities
Plans, organizes, and coordinates graduation, trip, yearbook and party, as well as helps with fundraising efforts to cover the costs of these fifth grade activities.
SEPTA Representative
Acts as Daly liaison to SEPTA (Special Education Parent Teacher Association) by attending meetings and reporting back to the H.S.A.
Game Day
Coordinates volunteers who assist children in playing games once a week on Wednesdays during recess time in bad-weather months.
Social (March)
Plans, organizes, and coordinates Daly’s biggest fundraising event (dinner, grab-a-bags, and auctions), which is attended by parents.
Gift Cards
Plans, organizes, and coordinates the gift card fundraising events. Responsibilities include distributing and collecting order forms, as well as ordering and distributing the gift cards to parents.
Specials Week (February)
This event is an enrichment program planned by parents each spring.  A theme is chosen and activities are arranged for each grade to occur during the week.  Volunteers are needed to help on the committee and/or to assist in the classrooms. Special Night is the Thursday night of Special’s Week and is a parent-driven evening that highlights the theme for the year.
Gift Wrap
Plans, organizes, and coordinates the gift wrapping paper fundraising event. Responsibilities include, but would not be limited to ordering and distributing the brochures as well as coordinating the shipment and distribution of ordered items to each class.
Staff Recognition Luncheon (May)
This is the HSA’s way of thanking the Daly teachers and staff for all their hard work and effort throughout the year.  The committee decides on the menu, decorations and teachers’ gifts and is also responsible for setting up and staffing the event.
Grant Writing
Works closely with the H.S.A Co-Presidents, Compact Committee, and Daly’s principal to identify and source grants for a myriad of initiatives, including but not limited to the playground, curriculum enrichment, organic garden, etc.
Talent Show (May)
Plans and coordinates the collection of money at Halloween.
Halloween Parade (October)
Plans, organizes, and decorates the school for Halloween and the Halloween celebration/parade that takes place on our field.
Organizes, rehearses, and coordinates the Daly student talent show. 
Holiday Boutique (December)
Plans, coordinates, and organizes this fundraising event where children can shop for holiday gifts during school.
Valentine Boutique (February)
Plans, coordinates, and organizes this during school fundraising event where children can shop for Valentine’s Day gifts.
Kidz Social (March)
Plan and run an evening event at which students dance and socialize with classmates.
Yoga Night / Fitness Series
Organizes three fitness-related events for Daly parents.

Last Minute Volunteer
This is perfect when you cannot commit.  Volunteer to be called at the last minute to bake goodies or work an event, to help out with whatever needs to be done.


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